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Like many young individuals starting their careers it took me a lot of experimentation to find where I can best focus my talents and have the most rewarding contributions to the market. I have had rewarding careers in culinary and construction and I want to combine the creative and analytical nature of both of those businesses to provide service in the real estate market.

I have traveled the country from Vancouver right to Halifax and lived and worked in many cities between. The experience has made me a self proclaimed Canadian Enthusiast. The rich history and culture of every town and location has really given me a deep appreciation for where we live and how we live. At the center of that is our family homes, our work place offices and our storefronts. Every property has a story to tell and a hidden potential to show to the world. It is my goal to understand your vision and objectives and enable you to execute them on time, on budget and with expert organization.

I love listening to The Tragically Hip while digging in an excavator!
I love cooking BBQ for friends and family on a Saturday evening in the summer. Especially a beer-can chicken or rib-eye steaks if it’s a really good weekend!
I love going for a long run with my dog and getting pulled around every time he sees a squirrel.
But what I truly enjoy is getting messages from my clients telling me they’re so happy with the new home or commercial property they purchased and that what was a stressful situation is now bearing the fruits of their labour!

What is something you would like to learn?

New languages! Communicating with people from all walks of life and from different cultures is a great passion and opens my eyes to new ways of thinking every time! I', always trying to practice my Spanish and French but would love to learn more.

What is your ideal morning routine?

Wake up feeling rested just before dawn and go for a long run with my dog, preferably somewhere scenic to see the sunrise. Then a nice shower and a cup of coffee before the workday begins. Such rare mornings!

What did you do before real estate?

Pipeliner/Excavator Operator

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