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I grew up in a small town about 30 minutes outside of Ottawa. My childhood was all about hockey, whether it was during the season, playing on a pond with friends or even playing in my basement while the game was on tv. My goal was to be the best I could be and no matter what, the team came first.

I moved to Guelph about 4 years ago to start my Bachelor of Commerce in Real Estate and Housing at the University of Guelph and quickly fell in love with the industry. The program allowed me to develop fundamental knowledge to ensure I am able to advise my clients in the best way to meet their real estate goals.

After multiple positions in commercial real estate, I began to realize that something was missing. I always felt there was a trade-off to some extent between company first or client first, it wasn’t like hockey where only one thing ever came first. But now it is. My clients will always be first. Let me show you.

What is the best thing about waking up in the morning?

I like to wake up early so the best thing is having some quiet time to myself before everyone else is awake.

What are 2 things on your bucket list?

Skydiving (I know, cliché right?) and I would also love to drive a race car on a track.

If you could have any super power what would it be?

Does time travel count? I think that would be cool.

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