2016 Chair Trends
April 25, 2016 Blog, Home & Garden, Home Decor

Accent chairs are a great way to update any room in your home. This year, these styles are heating up and giving you great options for comfortable and trendy seating options. This guide for 2016 Chair Trends will help you figure out which chairs will work for your home.


2016 Chair Trends
Photo source: West Elm

There are so many possible combinations of colours and textures with this mid-century styled chair. Its clean lines will bring a modern flare to any room.

Perfect for: Stylish Dining Room. Brighten your colour scheme by adding four different colours around your table, or stick with classic neutrals and play up your table setting.


2016 Chair Trends
Photo Source: Herman Miller

This molded chair is possibly one of the most popular chairs of the year, which means there are options for any price point (these chairs start as low as $49!). By adding a chair with three visible materials, it’s easy to tie this style into your existing decor. The plastic molded seat comes in a variety of colours, so you can always find the perfect fit for your home. The most trendy right now is the classic white. The dark steel rods add contrast to the piece, while the wood legs provide a more natural tone.

Perfect For: Your living room! Add one or two of these chairs to your living space for a pop of colour or a use the white chairs to contrast your upholstered furniture. This is the perfect accent chair. Think about adding a throw blanket or accent pillow for extra comfort and style. The other great thing about this chair is it can be easily cleaned. If you have a lot of young guests at your house, this is the chair for them.

Bold Accent Seating

2016 Chair Trends
Photo Source: Wayfair.ca

Upholstered accent chairs are a smart investment. They are comfortable, add a little ‘pop’ to your living room, plus they can be updated. Use upholstered seating to update your home with trendy fabrics, colours and patterns every few years. You have the freedom to change the type of material and switch out pillows and throws. When you’re looking for an accent chair, find one that you love now, but keep in mind its future potential. It’s best to find a chair with netural legs (since you’ll likely be leaving those alone if you update the fabric).

Perfect For: Your living room. Accent chairs allow add flare to a room without breaking the bank. Use a neutral sofa that will be in style for a long time and focus your attention on a trendy accent chair.

Ghost Chair

2016 Chair Trends
Photo Source: Furnishplus.ca & DecorChick.com

This transparent chair should not be overlooked. Made from acrylic or polycarbonate, these postmodern chairs are durable and will fit in any room. The armed ghost chairs are enchanting and glamorous and can adapt to a formal living space.

Perfect For: Your dining room.  Surround your dining room table with ghost chairs or add only a few. They will compliment any color scheme and are easy to clean! Or, use one chair at a vanity for a little touch of glamour.


Eames® Molded Shell Chair

2016 Chair Trend

Like other molded chairs, it adds a retro flair to your home. A variety of colors are available to fit your decor needs.

“Charles and Ray Eames believed that “design is a method of action,” and continually updated their work as new materials became available. Their Molded Plastic chairs were originally designed in metal and entered as a prototype in MoMA’s 1948 International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design. They then changed the material to fiberglass in 1950, and today the chairs are made of recyclable polypropylene. Charles was dissatisfied with the fiberglass, and it wasn’t until after his death that the matte finish he desired was achieved, thanks to advances in materials. “The chair that Charles and Ray were designing,” explains grandson Eames Demetrios, “is the chair that’s made tomorrow.” The deep seat pocket and waterfall seat edge keep you comfortable by reducing pressure on the backs of thighs.” – dwr.com

Perfect For: Your office. Instantly update your office with this simple, yet stylish chair. Consider adding a textured throw for contrast and extra comfort.

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