The Art of Unpacking in a 10 Step Program
Published on May 16th, 2016

You’ve turned the key and entered your new home. It’s such a relief to finally be in the house, but now it’s time to unpack. The art of unpacking is all about staying focused and organized. Here are 10 steps to help you empty those boxes.

1. Unpack the essentials.

These are the things you’ll need right away or on a daily basis. Kitchen items such as utensils, cups, plates and your coffee maker; personal items such as toiletries and work clothes; family items such as games and entertainment for the kids. If you used our checklist for packing for your first night in your new home, then you should have most of your essentials in a separate place. If not, use this list to unpack the items you’ll need right away.

2. Food

If you brought any food along, start by putting it away. It’s an easy unpacking job.

3. Kitchen

It’s amazing how many boxes we can fill with kitchen items. Everything from pots and pans, everyday dishes, fine china, counter top appliances, kitchen gadgets and much more. Decide which drawers and cupboards are going to hold your kitchen items and unpack them. Unpacking the kitchen can be a daunting task, so getting it done early will be a relief!

4. Bathrooms

Unpack important bathroom items such as medications, first aid supplies and personal toiletries. Knowing where these items are in a moment of distress will be much better than digging through boxes.

5. Start with large items

Furniture with drawers and storage is going to be crucial once you start putting the little things away. Begin by unpacking beds, dressers, tables and armoires. If your bed sheets are accessible, make the beds right away. You’ll thank yourself when it’s time to go to bed!

6. Find the function

Unpacking is a fresh start. Decide how you’re going to use each space and unpack accordingly. By placing large furniture in a room first, you’re setting the foundation for that space. Decide what each room is going to be used for and this will help guide you in the rest of your unpacking.

7. Distribute boxes

Staying organized will be easy if you labeled your boxes before you moved. Distribute boxes into their appropriate room.

8. Room-by-room

Getting the bedrooms unpacked will give you a comfortable space to relax in each night. Family members can take on their own bedrooms (unless they are toddlers of course). The major furniture should already be in place (after step 5), so it’s a matter of unpacking personal items and decor. Keep yourself organized by focusing on unpacking one room at a time, rather than jumping around too much. In this step, unpack closets, laundry room, home office, dining room and family room as well.

9. The Garage

You might find that it takes a while before you get to unpack your garage. A lot of the items in the garage aren’t used on a regular basis, so you can focus your attention in the inside of your home.

10. Enjoy your new home!

Of course, this is the most important step. Once you’ve finished unpacking, sit back and enjoy the new space that you’ve created.

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