Embracing Canadian Summer in Guelph & Wellington County
Published on September 12th, 2017

Celebrating Canada 150 has been a blast. It’s great to see how much everyone is truly embracing their local and national landscapes. We’re holding on to the last few weeks of Summer by re-living your entries from our Summer Sweepstakes.

Here are the top ways to embrace your Canadian Summer in Guelph & Wellington County.

  1. We love going to Riverside Park, Royal City Park and the War Memorial Hall.
  2. Cycling the trails and along the riverfront.
  3. Backyard fire with neighbours and a big family BBQ!
  4. We like to camp at Guelph Lake, or just a day trip for a picnic and to cool off in the water.
  5. Spending time outside with friends and family.
  6. Hiking the trails, the wonderful splash pads in Guelph and visiting local beaches and conservation areas.
  7. Visiting the Donkey Sanctuary.
  8. Walking the trails.
  9. Shopping at the farmers’market
  10. Enjoying an ice cream at the Boathouse and always love a trip to Rocky’s for a hot dog! There is so much to do in our wonderful city!
  11. Dining at any of the great patios downtown Guelph.
  12. BBQing for my friends and family and enjoying all the celebrations and activities that Guelph has to offer.
  13. Shopping in local stores and exploring the beautiful nature Guelph has to offer.
  14. Visting the Arboretum.
  15. Walking around our beautiful city with my dog, through downtown and along the river.
  16. Going for walks through the gardens, and stopping for a coffee, ice cream or gelato.
  17. A day at Belwood Lake is the best way to spend a Canadian Summer day!
  18. Swim in the Elora Quarry.
  19. The 3 B’s: Beers, Buds and Birdies. A great Summer for golf!
  20. Kayaking at Guelph Lake and other Grand River Conservation parks.
  21. Visiting the farmers’ market and planning family meals together and cooking/ BBQing every weekend! It’s a great way to spend time together and try new recipes.
  22. Going for bike rides and walks to all the parks around town. We get to experience new cultures and friend this way, plus it’s a great way to see all that Guelph has to offer!
  23. The kickoff to Summer is always Canada Day at Riverside Park!
  24. Swimming in Rockwood!
  25. Hanging out at the Elora Gorge, and dinner on a patio downtown.


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