Creating Your Home Office Space
Published on July 11th, 2016

Whether you work from home or not, a home office is a great place to keep important documents, get some work done or just create a modern space for your devices. Here are a few tips to keep your home office space organized.

Keep Those Desk Drawers In Check

Organize pens, pencils and other stationery essentials in your desk drawers with inexpensive silverware organizers You can pick one up in plastic, metal or wood. Just be sure you measure your drawers before you head out to buy one. If a utensil tray isn’t the right fit for your desk, use smaller containers and arrange them in the drawers. Tetris anyone?

Develop A System For Papers

We always say we live in a paperless world… but somehow piles of paper make their appearance in home offices. Create a filing system so your papers are always under control. Consider an inbox tray for items that haven’t been dealt with yet, such as bills, and a filing system to keep your records safe and organized.

Light The Room With Natural Light

Whether you work from home or just love your office space, natural lighting can make it that much better! Position your desk close to the window, or find a way to bring more natural light into the space.

You can always try positioning a mirror to pull more lighting in. If you’re having a hard time lighting the space, head out and find a fun lamp to put on your desk.

Go Wireless Or Tame Those Wires

Although there are now many wireless electronics, it’s hard to completely avoid them. Keep your office space looking tidy by hiding messy cords wherever you can. Some desks now come with compartment features so your monitor cords are tucked away out of sight.

If you’re feeling creative, there are many DIY project you can do to hide power strips and cords. Take a look here for some ideas and inspiration.

Name Those Wires

If you have multiple cords on the go, it might be helpful to label them. Colour code the end of each cord with a little piece of coloured tape or a sticker so you know which cord matches which device.

Make Your Own Desk

There are thousands of desks to choose from, so find something that is the perfect fit for your office and what you’re going to be using it for. You can even create your own desk with as little or as much storage as you’d like. Take two matching medium sized bookshelves and add a flat piece of wood on top of them. Face the shelves outwards and you’ve got a great desk with plenty of storage!

Extended Storage

If you have a small desk or just need some extra space, try clip-on desk organizers. These containers clip onto the edge of your desk and offer a little extra space for your pens and paperclips. This blog shows you how you can make your very own!

Give It Some Life!

If you spend any amount of time in your home office, bring some life to the room by adding some plants. Bamboo, flowers, or a cactus are perfect picks to add some extra colour to the room.

Note To Self

If you’re all about leaving yourself notes, find a creative way to send yourself reminders. You can repurpose a picture frame by sealing in some colour wrapping paper…it instantly becomes a whiteboard! Hang one on the wall or prop it up on your desk. It’ll keep those messy notes off your desk.

Office Throne

Get creative with your desk chair! If you’re not planning on putting too much effort into your home office, a bold chair is a great way to add a little bit of your personality to the room without taking on a large DIY task. If you need some ideas, checkout our Chair Trends Blog for some trendy choices.

Go Vertical

Use the wall space you have. Add tall bookshelves or floating shelves to the walls for extra storage and to host your favourite decor items.

Make It Your Own!

A home office is another space that you can create to reflect your personality and to meet your needs. Remember to think about the function of the space and what you really need it for. Then take some time to make it a space you really love. Check out our Home Decor Trends for some inspiration!

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