This is why we Love Guelph Part One
Published on August 16th, 2016

We love Guelph for so so so many reasons. But one of the newest reasons on our list is how passionate everyone in the community is about Guelph as well. In our Summer Sweepstakes we asked entrants to tell us why they love Guelph so much and the responses were amazing. There were so many reasons, we had to split it into 2 blogs. Here is part 1 of all the reasons we all love the Royal City.

 20 Reasons to love Guelph

  1. Our community has worked to protect the many historic buildings. Many cities have lost their past, but Guelph continues to work to protect and restore its history for new generations to enjoy. – Steven
  2. Our parks, trails, and green space. It’s a beautiful city to live in. – Lisa
  3. We support each other. – Courtney
  4. It has the feel of a small city but still lots to do. It’s a great place to raise your children. – Shelley
  5. I love the people. Of all the places I’ve lived, Guelph has the friendliest and most cheerful people I’ve met!!! Always there to help a fellow Guelphite 🙂 I just hope my kids grow up to appreciate this city as much as I do. – Miranda
  6. Guelph has a wonderful network of social service providers and volunteer who work together to build strong families and resilient kids. The spirit of working together towards a common goal is a wonderful way in which Guelph shines. – Kristin
  7. I love the farmers market with all kinds of great food. The downtown area has tons of great stores and restaurants. – Ryan
  8. I love that Guelph is a true representation of Canada. Guelph is truly multicultural and accepting of everyone no matter who they are or what they believe. And we all live together in a relatively peaceful manner in a city of less than 150,000 people. – Anita
  9. I love downtown. I love the food downtown. I love the spirit of Collaboration Nation amongst businesses, festivals, friends and neighbours. We are a cultured and thinking town. – Lynn
  10. There is always a great event going on from fireworks in the park, Italian Festival, Hillside, Christmas parade downtown, etc. – Cindy
  11. I love the green space that Guelph provides within the communities. It is easy to find trails and parks fro people of all ages to enjoy. I believe with the green spaces Guelph has available, it encourages people to get outdoor and be active and live a healthy active lifestyle. – Kaitlin
  12. Our lives are filled with constantly changing and evolving relationships, places to live, meaning we will have to balance the fine art of maintaining new friendships, lifestyles, as well as the old ones. There is no better feeling than to be a part of the talented and educated community of Guelph! Having the company of great friends, amazing food, the diversity of cultures, and most of all, having fun! Guelph is my new home and I consider myself lucky to be a part of this amazing world out here! – Bushra
  13. I love how accessible our Mayor is. He is at every event possible and he shows up for the small businesses. I love how helpful Guelphites are…how we come together to help each other out. I love our fabulous arts festivals. I love our friends who reach out to help those in need. 40 Baker Street. New Beginnings. Michael House and all the amazing people who help these organizations. Guelph has a healthy pulse that urges its citizens to reach out and touch each other. It is my community and I am so proud to be a part of the amazing, evolving city that we love and call Guelph. – Nancy
  14. The arts and music scene, the people and the beauty the city holds. – Callie
  15. It’s a big city with a small city charm. – Tracy
  16. It is a family community. – Janet
  17. The people. The energy. Hillside Festival. Places to take the family. That is what summer memories are made of! – Amy
  18. As an avid dog love and dog Mommy, I enjoy the trails, parks and specialized dog parks so my canine kids can play in the Royal City! – Bev
  19. So many parks, many things to do. The people are amazing, the city is beautiful, and you feel in thy city with a touch of the country side. The river, the lakes. It’s a nice place to live. – Gloria
  20. Downtown, living in the core, walking everywhere! – Olivia


Stay tuned for part 2 of the reasons we love Guelph.

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