New Home To Do List
Published on March 16th, 2016

When you’re creating your new home to do list, make sure you include these 7 important tasks. Become familiar with your new home and make it a place you and your family are comfortable in.

1. Change the locks

When the keys are handed over to you, you can never be sure that you have all the copies. In any case, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Change the locks on all exterior entry points to your new home, then get rid of the previous keys.

2. Become familiar with your circuit breaker

It’s likely that in your first few months in the home you’re going to be updating lighting fixtures, so it’s a great idea to become familiar with the electrical wiring and circuit box. Take some time to check the labeling and confirm which switches control each area of your home.

3. Find the main water valve

You’ll want to know where the main water valve is located in your home. In some cases it’s in an obvious spot, but other times it can be outside or hidden somewhere in your home. Find it now, rather than searching for it in an emergency situation. Once you find the knob, turn it off and test your faucets to make sure no water comes out.

When you’re heading out on your next vacation, you can turn the water off and be on your way!

4. Wipe out the cabinets

Before you start unpacking your dishes and filling your kitchen cabinets, take a few minutes to wipe them out. The previous home owner may have cleaned the kitchen, but it’s give it another look in case a shelf was missed.

5. Install window treatments

Window treatments can instantly make a home feel more comfortable, and they provide you with immediate privacy. Install blinds and curtains on any bare windows.

6. Give the carpets a good steam clean

It’s common to have the fear of the unknown. And there can definitely be some unknowns when it comes to carpet dirt. Steam clean the carpets in your new home to ensure a deep clean. You’ll be surprised how much more comfortable you’ll feel.

7. Check your number

Take a stroll out to the street and look back at your home. Can you see your street number? If you have family and friends coming to see your new home, you’re going to want them to be able to find it. Ensure your street number is visible (and the right number).

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