Summer Decor Trends
Published on June 13th, 2016

Moving into a new home means you get a blank canvas to decorate. All the decor ideas you’ve had in the last few years have a good reason to come to life now. Maybe you’ve been saving your inspirations by cutting out magazine pictures or pinning the best blogs. Or maybe you haven’t really given decorating much thought. If you’re looking for more trendy ideas to pin, or just looking for a little guidance, we’re here to help. We’ve found the most popular summer decor trends to get your home looking stylish and comfortable.

Marble Accents

Home Decor Trends - Marble Accents

From serving trays, votives and even cellphone cases, marble has been making its way into homes everywhere. If you’re not ready to commit to updating all your counters to marble, you can pull it in as an accent in so many ways. Marble is easy to incorporate into any room because it’s very neutral in its colouring. It’s popularity can be party attributed it’s luxurious look but also the minimalist trend that’s been taking off lately.

Try: Small, inexpensive doses of marble in the form of coasters, top of a coffee table, serving board, or a vase.

It goes great with: copper, metals, bright accent colours

Mixed Materials

Home Decor Trends - Mixed Materials

Have you seen something you love, but are not sure how to incorporate it into your home? The beauty of decorating with mixed materials is that anything goes. It’s all about balancing patterns and materials to create a comfortable space. This year we’ve been seeing lots of large floral prints (that may remind you of your grandma’s couch), but they’re being incorporated into decor schemes in a way that works. This trend has also been big in kitchens. Homeowners are bringing a variety of materials and looks into their kitchen to create a comfortable and unique space, rather than only 2 or 3 different materials.

Try: Creating contrast with bold metallics and earthy woods, and then add some marble to the mix.
It goes great with: Mixed materials go with everything. That’s the beauty of this trend!

Statement Mirrors

Home Decor Trends - Statement Mirror

Gone are the days when the mirror was strictly hung to show you your reflection. These days mirrors are a decor staple; an easy way to update a room, open a space and make a bold statement. Mirrors are making their way into homes everywhere with thick frames, nontraditional shapes and attention-grabbing colours.

Try: a bold shape in the bathroom. Rather than an oval, circle or rectangle, look for something with a wild frame and bring a little personality into your powder room.

It goes great with: simple decor. If your bathroom is on the plainer side, make the mirror the focus of the room. You might as well. You’re going to be looking at it every day.

Tech-Less Living Room

Home Decor Trends - Tech-Less Living

Every year it seems like technology is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. Try designing a space that’s less focused on tech utility and more focused on your family. When you’re designing a room without a television, you’ll notice you have a lot more freedom to arrange your furniture when you’re not trying to find the perfect spot for the tv and give everyone a clear view. Suddenly, the living room becomes more about living together as a family.

Try: Adding a trendy bar cart to your living room. It’s convenient for entertaining and they look great! Without worrying about a television, you can put more emphasis on the furniture in your living room as well. Try layering materials to create a unique space.

It goes great with: family activities. You can also add in other family-friendly elements to the room like a vintage trunk to hold all your board games.

Matt Finishes

Home Decor Trend - Matte Finish

For a while it seemed like everything was painted in a high gloss paint to add give the smallest decor accent a punch. Now we’re seeing more matte finishes pop up. A matte finish isn’t necessarily a diluted accent; it fits in with the minimalist trend (similar to marble accents) adding a modern element to colour schemes. We’ve seen this evolve from the chalkboard paint trend that’s been heating up the past few summers.

Try: Bold, dark colours. Try a new wall colour. What you’ll love about the matte finish is that you can really see the colour without being overwhelmed by the glossy finish. This gives you more freedom to use dark hues.
It goes great with: The accents in your room. Your paintings will pop hanging on a matte wall.

Lively Linens

Home Decor Trend - Lively Linens

Love bright, bold linens. Drape your bed in comfortable materials with bold prints. Bold floral prints have been reinvented and are making their way back onto pillows across the country.

Try: Mixing a bright floral print with a solid. Use sold linens you already own, and start the search for matching prints.

It goes great with: Linens you already own. Choose colours to work with an add new layers to create a lively mix of prints.

Pendant Lighting

Home Decor Trend - Pendant Lighting

Don’t settle for a boring overhead light. Use every inch of your home to convey your personality and style…including the lights. This trend is stepping away from the chandelier and lighting rooms with a simpler pendant. This type of lighting is a great size so you can use it in any room–living room, dining room, bed room or bathroom. You can even create a great atmosphere outside by hanging an outdoor pendant over your deck.

Try: A modern metallic fixture over your dining room table.

It goes great with: Ghost chairs. Learn more about 2016 chair trends here. There are lots of great ideas for dining spaces.

A Blast From The Past

Home Decor Trends - Vintage Items

We see a lot of focus on modern trends, but there’s something about the past that we just can’t let go of. Each decor trend we’ve gone over has fit into the overarching theme: contrast and balance. You can pull anything into your decor scheme as long as it’s contributing to the balance of a room and adding to the dynamic. Vintage items are no exception. Whether you’ve been holding onto a few things from your childhood, or have been out searching through thrift stores and yard sales to get a great find, there’s always a way to match the old with the new.

Try: Hanging previously loved art above a modern seating area.

It goes great with: Well…we did talk about a tech-less living room. That could be the ideal place to display a vintage typewriter, hang up the first edition of a board game, or repurpose a 1950s footstool.

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