9 Things to Consider When Looking for a Real Estate Brokerage
Published on January 31st, 2017

Are you a real estate agent in Guelph, Fergus, Elora, Rockwood, Aberfoyle and/ or the surrounding regions? Whether you are new to the industry or have years of experience under your belt – you may be looking for a change in brokerages. It is important to hold your brokerage to the highest of standards. Your brokerage should support you, your growth, success and always be working to improve it’s offerings to you as a team member. Your brokerage should be doing all it can to create an environment that is conducive to helping you sell more real estate! Below are a few items for consideration when looking to join a brokerage.


Depending on where you live, your choice in brokerage may range from fewer than 10, to a brokerage with hundreds of agents. Royal City has five offices which means more options! Consider whether you might enjoy and feed off of the excitement and buzz of a large office, or if you would prefer the comfort and quiet of a smaller office. When it comes to size, it is strictly personal preference. It is always nice to have options – and is important to the individual, but has little bearing on your success rate. One thing to consider is that larger brokerages are larger for a reason – tried, tested and true.


A brand’s prominence, history and reputation are important when considering the best brokerage for you, and beyond personal preference. It can be advantageous to have the strength of a well-known brand behind your name. To potential sellers and buyers looking for representation, having Royal LePage, Canada’s largest and longest standing brand behind you to support your value proposition will instill confidence and trust in your future clients. Combined with the local and historic clout of Wellington County’s own Royal City, clients can rest at ease knowing that you have the backing of the region’s longest standing brokerage with a history of unmatched client care and community knowledge.


When you walk into a prospective real estate office, ask yourself whether you would feel proud or embarrassed to bring your clients there. You will often be meeting your buyer clients at your office before showing them properties, and you will probably return there to complete paperwork if they want to buy one of the properties you showed them.

Beside the aesthetics of the office, does it have adequate workspace, and would you have use of computers, copier, and fax machine? Will you have access to the office after hours? Is parking available for agents and clients? These may seem like small details, but everything adds up to create a perception of you, your brand, your brokerage and your reputation. Guess what?! Royal City is in the process of updating its main office spaces, and we are very excited about it!


Consider how long it would take to drive to your prospective office. Of course, modern technology gives real estate agents a high degree of mobility, allowing you the ability to check email, search internet-based MLS®, and answer calls from your home, or on the fly. However, you will at some point find the need to drive to your office for meetings, turning in transaction paperwork, getting forms and supplies, and checking postal mail.

Whether the real estate company is located in a freestanding building, a shopping center, or in a high-rise office tower is a matter of personal preference, but one consideration would be how easy it is for your clients to find your office?

Locations is important, to you and your clients. Royal City’s four offices make this an easy choice.

Training & Support 

You will learn many real estate principles and fundamentals during your pre-license training. For example, you will learn about real estate law and contract law, how to write purchase agreements, how to list property for sale, how to finance real estate, and how to evaluate real estate property. However, this should serve as a knowledge base.  In order to be successful, you must also acquire skills in such areas as sales techniques, negotiating, lead follow up systems etc. Furthermore, you’ll need guidance the first few times you evaluate someone’s property, list a property for sale, and accurately structure complex purchase transactions and what’s more, marketing yourself aptly now and in the future. For these skills, you’ll need advanced training after you obtain your license and/or someone who can assist/mentor you when you need help.

Royal City offers mentorship, a hands-on, supportive approach from the broker of record and regular opportunities for training and workshops to help you sell more real estate.

History & Experience

You should consider whether your prospective real estate company is relatively new, and if so is it growing? Does its leadership have enough time to help new agents? If the company is mature, is it stable or in decline? You might not get specific answers to these questions in an interview, but you’ll get a sense of them during the course of your conversation with the manager or broker. The experience level of the manager or broker is a more important factor, though, which leads us to the next checklist item. At Royal City we not only have the experienced backing of the Royal LePage brand now with over 100 years in business, but also as a local, community-centric brokerage Royal City is without parallel, the most well known and trusted brand in Wellington County and Guelph Real Estate.

Management & Administrative Support

It is important to consider who your primary contact will be within a brokerage. It could be a salaried manager, or the broker of record/ owner. It is important to know whether the manager or broker also sells real estate and how that might affect you, or whether the brokerage supports its agents with lead generation and fair distribution, which is exactly what Royal City does.

Moreover, find out what kind of administrative support is available to you. Some offices handle such items as MLS listing uploads and transaction paperwork processing. The accounting department will also be important to you; ask how long after a closing you can expect to receive your commission. Royal City has a full team of highly qualified admin support that will provide you with everything from training to marketing and more.

Culture & Community

An office that is populated mostly with new agents can feel energized, but perhaps a bit chaotic at times—not to mention a strain on a manager’s time. If most of the agents are seasoned, the office can feel stable, but might lack excitement. Our advice is to look for a balance – it is a sign of a healthy, thriving, successful brokerage. This is exactly what you will find at Royal City. We have both fresh new, eager team members and veterans with an incredible combined wealth of experience and knowledge to share and learn from.

Something less tangible is a company’s “culture.” After interviewing your prospective manager or broker, ask yourself how you feel about him or her, and the company. Your intuition should weigh in on your decision. You might also visit the company’s website, find their directory, and call a couple of agents who work there. If you ask what they think about their office as a workplace for both new and experienced agents, you might further your feeling for that company. Just wait until you meet the team, manager and broker/owner of Royal City! Des von Teichman and his team are some of the most dynamic individuals in the industry. With the support of an awesome team and the history of hard work by former broker/owner Robb Atkinson, Royal City has become an incredible, progressive brokerage at the very cusp of the latest tools and trends meant to do one thing: help you sell more real estate.

We hope this helps! If you are interested in learning more about what Royal City has to offer – login for exclusive access to our opportunities portal.

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