Residential title insurance can be purchased by anyone who is buying a residential property.


Title insurance is an alternative to a solicitor’s opinion and it protects you if someone else claims a legal interest in your property. It can compensate against pre-existing municipal work orders, frauds, and forgeries which can affect the legal ownership of the property.


Residential title insurance is available for a variety of residential properties across Canada, including vacant land, single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, 4-plexes, mobile homes, cottages, condominium, and co-operatives.

Title insurance also insures commercial properties, however different coverage and premiums apply.


For a one-time premium, title insurance is obtained at the time the purchaser is buying the property. Now, it is also available if the owner already maintains an ownership interest in the property. An owner, must obtain title insurance for a lender any time that the property is being mortgaged.


A title insurance policy provides you with more protection than a lawyer’s opinion. It also protects you from certain types of fraud, including those that can occur after you purchase your home.

Title insurance protection goes beyond that of a traditional lawyer’s opinion

A lawyer’s opinion that you are getting clear title to your property is subject to certain limitations, including that there are no forged documents in the chain of title and that the information provided by the municipality is accurate. The opinion also is valid only at the point in time that the deed is registered. A title insurance policy will compensate you for title defects even if there are forged documents in the chain of title, or inaccuracies in the information provided by the municipality. As well, a residential title insurance policy provides coverage for certain title defects which can occur long after the deed is registered. It can compensate you if in the future, a forged document is registered which purports to affect your legal ownership of your property.

In addition, a title insurance policy provides “Defense of Title” coverage, whereby the title insurance company will pay all legal costs associated with a challenge to your legal ownership for any covered title risk.

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