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43 years ago I was talked into joining the real estate industry by a respected mentor – and haven’t finished talking my way out yet! With a partner, Geoff Glass, we built a brokerage with 350 salespeople in 13 localities, sold it and since have been selling for Royal City Realty, the company we built. Now a Royal LePage franchise, it’s bigger and better than ever.

Royal LePage Diamond AwardRoyal LePage Award of Excellence

What did you do before real estate?

After an M. Sc. from the University of Illinois, I joined advertising firm, Ogilvie & Mather. It wasn't long before I joined my wife in her retail fashion business because she was making so much more money than me! Then real estate sales beckoned. It's been 44 years now and so far, so good!

What is your favourite book?

I just read "Thanks for Being Late" and I wish that I could make it mandatory reading for every one, everywhere... especially my grandkids.

What is an experience that has made you a stronger person?

The real estate recession of the early 1990's. First it just about killed me. Then I got stronger.

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