Get To Know Fergus


Fergus | Scottish Roots

The first settlers to what is now modern day Fergus broke ground in 1833. Starting as a Scottish settlement, the town maintains a strong Scottish influence today. Situated along the Grand River, just 20 minutes north of Guelph, Fergus is a quiet, residential community filled with mature tree lined streets, beautiful stone architecture, great schools and plenty of green spaces. Browse real estate for sale in Fergus.

Real Estate Market

Fergus has a healthy Real Estate Market with a much more affordable median home price than neighbouring Elora, of $439,900. There is a balanced mix of new and old homes.


Fergus is home to several large manufacturers as well as a healthy agricultural industry. In the last 5 years, Fergus has started to benefit from a tourism industry like neighbouring Elora. The average household income sits comfortably just under $90,000 annually. Fergus is the largest and fastest growing community in Wellington County.


Fergus boasts a low crime rate, safe schools and streets. Residents and tourists alike enjoy the safety that small-town Ontario affords.


Fergus is committed to creating awareness of and protecting the environment. Environmental service staff are taking steps to provide education through the participation in events like World Water Day, Earth Day, Green Legacy Tree Giveaway, among others.


The picturesque heritage town is full of opportunities to live an active, healthy and well-rounded lifestyle. With plenty of green spaces, beautiful parks and public amenities the township actively seeks to make Fergus an enjoyable place to live and visit.