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“Be kind whenever possible, It is always possible” 

Hello, I am NEHRI SEKHON. 

I am here to help you in finding the real estate property of your choice and to strongly represent your interests as my clients.

Throughout my professional and educational journey, I have gained skills in various fields such as Real Estate, Information Technology, and Sales. From this I have learned to be very professional, great at multi-tasking with the ability to maintain high accuracy. I am fluent in  English, Punjabi and Hindi languages.

I believe that the meaning of religion is “to do the righteous thing” and that’s why I call myself religious.

I love to bring smiles to people by helping them and spread the message of kindness and universal brotherhood.

My hobbies include socializing, learning new languages, martial arts, listening to music and life stories of people.

For a fun fact  “NEHRI” is my nickname and It means “cool wind” in punjabi language.

I look forward to our interaction, Thank you for visiting, Have a great day !!

Yours truly,


What is your ideal morning routine?

Wake up before Sunrise, take a shower, meditate, go out for a walk, have breakfast with my family and start some productive work.

What makes you laugh?

I find laughter in expected life situations and by observing objects and processes in real world.

What is the hardest thing you have ever done?

Telling anyone NO!! is hardest thing to do for me, because I am a YES person.

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    Wrap Around Porch

    Over 1 Acre

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