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I was born and raised in Guelph and have lived here all my life. Surrounded by friends and family, I feel truly at home here in Guelph. I have developed a lot of personal connections in the area from sports. I grew up playing lacrosse, hockey, and football for local teams. I’ve known from a young age that I perform best in a competitive environment. I don’t just compete for myself, I play for my team. Over the years I have learned that what gives me the greatest satisfaction is helping people. When I help a client, I thrive knowing that I have left a positive impact on them. In real estate, I have the opportunity to help people in a meaningful way, by leading them to a life-changing transition. I bring my integrity, respect, and accountability to every situation. As a part of the RC Team, I have encouragement and experience behind me. I feel that there is no one better suited to support me than John Clark, Lorna Ronald, and Collette Aeschlimann.

In my free time, I enjoy working with my hands by brushing paint on a canvas or whipping up a new recipe in the kitchen. I love taking my dog Steve to the park, going for runs outdoors and tossing the lacrosse ball around with friends. I grew up playing the guitar and have an always growing vinyl collection. I show my personality through my wardrobe and I’m inspired by fashion.

I donate my time to the community by volunteering for the Guelph Minor Lacrosse Association as well as the MS Society.

What is the most unique thing about you?

I have a very diverse set of interests that ranges from a longstanding passion for lacrosse, to an always growing vinyl collection.

What is the favourite place you have travelled to?

Berlin, Germany

What is your favourite space in your home?

My Music & Audio Equipment Room

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