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When I began my Real Estate Career with Realty World; their corporate message stated: The Right Agent Makes All the Difference in the World. I believed it and worked to emulate that message as a Sales Representative. It served me very well.

When founding this Brokerage with REALTY WORLD that Value Statement helped guide our direction as we began to grow. Each time I met a new recruit or an experienced agent wishing to join us. A “Right Agent’ shared our values and business philosophy and was hired.

The Right Agent shares a belief and an understanding our role. The Right Agent aligns to a basic fundamental to help our clients, value and respect that relationship.

Merging with ROYAL LEPAGE in 1997 we stayed the course with the same guiding principle. Later in 2004, our acquisition of Royal City Realty was not difficult as the style of their Agents aligned perfectly with ours.

40 years later it’s still true: The Right Agents Really Do Make A World Of Difference.

What business/career achievement makes you proud?

The success of our Brokerage because we aligned ourselves with really really great people

What's your favourite quote or verse?

From my Dad: You meet the same people on the way up, as you do on the way down.

What makes you laugh?

Hearing about other Realtors stories that have happened to them

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    Dream Home Equation

    Water front property

    Over 1 acre

    Sunset views


    • I’d personally like to thank you for the constant support and opportunity you give me.
      My years with this office will not be forgotten. You are a wonderful and kind Professional, and it shows vibrantly. Thank you for all your hard work and support.

      A.M. (Guelph, Ontario)
    • Thanks for spearheading the Buffini Training. I definitely saw value in it and I am using some of the material.

      Some of it was repetitive, but only because you had already touched on it in Coach’s Corner! The market is getting interesting out there, but the tools and resources you have armed me with; I’m not worried.

      Keep it on the fairway!

      K.D. (Guelph, Ontario)
    • Just got back from Turning Point in Toronto with the gang. It was a great 2 days, I find them very motivating. I just wanted to let you know, in case you haven’t heard it in awhile, you do a great job dong what you do! I couldn’t imagine working for a better company! Thank you for introducing Buffini to all of us.

      C.H. (Guelph, Ontario)