Are You Priced To Sell?
February 22, 2018 Selling Real Estate

Are you priced to sell?

As a seller, you have two goals:

  1. Get the most money possible
  2. Sell as quickly as you can

A large factor in this equation is price. Price is the number one factor that most home buyers use in determining which homes to view. Although the price is set by you, the value of the home is determined by the buyer. Your REALTOR® can help guide you to an asking price that will help you meet your own goals, plus attract buyers

What Can Affect Your Asking Price?

  • Urgency. Do you need to sell your home quickly?
  • Competition. Are there just a few or many homes available in your price category and area?
  • Available financing. Does your home come with an assumable loan that is below today’s rate? What are the current home loan interest rates? What financing alternatives are available for your home and area?
  • Competitive Market Analysis. Do you know what similar homes in the area sold for within the last six months?
  • Expenses. What are your selling costs?

What Doesn’t Affect Your Asking Price?

  • Original cost. Your price is determined by today’s market.
  • Personal attachment. Buyers will act on their emotions, not yours.
  • The cost to build the home today.
  • Neighbour’s claims. Don’t listen to what your neighbours tell you is fair market value for your home. OTher homes in your neighbourhood may not be as similar as you think.

Need a price?

Our experienced team can provide you with an accurate estimate of the value of your home in today’s market. Get started today.

Contact a Fully-licensed REALTOR® today!

If you are looking for expert, fully-licensed support from a REALTOR®, contact Royal City Realty. We are focused on helping you unlock your future.

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