If your Cat Lead the Search for your Next Home …

Letting your cat search for your Next Home

It’s not crazy to think that maybe you’d approach purchasing your next house with your cats’ interests in mind. After all, dog owners invest in properties with a backyard to accomplish that exact same thing! So what would your cat want in the search for your next home?

*Of course we recognize that indoor cats and outdoor cats may have slightly different needs we want to appeal to the largest number of cat preferences in this scenario as possible. So let’s keep an open mind here.

Also, while keeping your mind open, picture your cats reaction if they were to enter into their dream home with you! After all, your cat has 9 lives so why not help them live all of them in luxury?

We think your cat would want their home to look a little something like this…

1. The “purrrfect” observation area

It is absolutely crucial that your feline friends have great vantage points for squirrel observing, mice hunting, and bird watching afternoons. So, when you’re browsing through your next home take note of the proximity of window sills to furniture placements and countertops for maximum window viewing opportunities. Your cat will appreciate the chance to participate in the “neighbourhood watch” initiative.

Purrrfect Observation Area

2. Secret hiding spots for stealth jumping out

Cats need to feel safe and secure in their environment. That means having places strategically placed around their home where they can dash back and forth from at a moment’s notice. Think open closets, drawers left slightly open, behind curtains, under tables and hiding behind doors! You’ll know you’ve picked the right home when your cat runs through the halls in the middle of the night for no reason!

Secret Hiding Spots

3. Catnip gardens

A not so guilty pleasure for cats (because they seem to have no shame when it comes to indulgences) is catnip. Better yet, if you can create a row of catnip combined with cat grass for your feline, they will have every reason to love their new space. That being said, maybe put it in a room with a closed door option so that they don’t over indulge.

Catnip Gardens

4. Multiple space for lounging (bedrooms, counters, ledges)

Feline feng-shui is extremely important for your new home. Really, everything you can do for your cats comfort is important. However, your home should allow for maximum lounging opportunities. If your cat can sit, roll, lay down and sleep on it then you are the best cat owner they’ll ever have. Consider ledges, staircases, bedrooms and in the middle of your laptop as your cat’s prime lounging space.

Multiple Space For Lounging

5. Running water but preferably a koi pond

Now, if we’re really being serious about pulling out all the stops for your cats comfort at home… get the cat a koi pond or aquarium to observe. Think about the endless hours your cat would spend honing in on its’ natural instincts. If you do have the capacity to bring in a fish observatory of kinds, I would encourage you not to name the fish… just in case. Alternatively, if you’re accommodating to an outdoor cats needs accessibility to trees and bushes will do the trick!

Running Water But Preferably A Koi Pond

6. A large playroom 

If your cat is truly the main stakeholder you need to please in the purchase of your next home, then you will have to provide them with a large toy/scratching post sanctuary. Lots of posts with hanging felt birds and wind up mice should entertain your cat for hours. Consider investing in a jungle gym with towers for him/her to observe from. Forget about the kids rec room – the cat play room is where it’s at.

A Large Playroom

7. Multiple quality sunbathing spots

If it wasn’t mentioned enough before now, we’d like to emphasize the importance of windows. Especially the kind that bring in a lot of natural sunlight. Know that while you’re at work for the day, your cat is in complete comfort at home. As the sun moves throughout the day your cat should be able to move comfortably along with the sunshine. Year round, your cat will appreciate his multiple sunbathing spots.

Quality Sunbathing Spots

Your cat may not thank you in an obvious way for moving into their dream home, but if you see them enjoying these 7 must-haves you’ll know they’re living their best 9 lives.

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