Inspiring Spaces For Your Winter Reading
January 20, 2018 Home & Garden, Home Decor

In this cool Winter weather, there’s nothing like curling up with a great book. Some avid readers will take their book from room to room, while others have a designated reading space in their home. You can create your own cozy reading nook in your home. Here is some inspiration to get you started.


Comfortable & Cushy

This reading nook is a combination of comfortable and rustic with a bonus storage area for all your favourite books. Reading by natural light is always a good idea!

Comfortable and cushy reading nook
Photo source: Architect Design

Colourful & Cozy

This reading nook definitely stands out. Just like your favourite novel, your reading space can have character.

Colourful and cozy reading nook
Photo source: Painted By Prestige

Study & Store

Avid readers love to show off their favourite books. This reading nook offers a great way to display your books, plus it’s a relaxing spot dive deep in a story.

Study and store reading nook
Photo source: Pinterest

Repurpose & Read

This space is ideal for children to explore new ideas and stories. The closet space has been updated to make room for eager minds!

Repurpose and read reading nook
Photo source: Pinterest

Rustic Reading

You can make your reading nook extra cozy by accessorizing it with fuzzy blankets and pillows. Use your favourite throws and pillows to create a comfortable space for some afternoon reading.

Rustic reading nook.
Photo source: Bookbub

Lounge & Learn

You don’t need to renovate to create the perfect reading nook. Find an unused space in your home, like this cozy corner, and make it your own.

Lounge and learn reading nook
Photo source: Buzzfeed

Relax & Read

Reading should be relaxing, so creating your nook shouldn’t be stressful. The easiest thing you can do is choose your favourite spot to sit in your home and add a few accents to make it more comfortable, pull up an end table or move your seat close to shelving) and voila! you have a little reading nook of your own.

relax and read reading nook
Photo source: Planete Deco

Temporary Tent

Here’s a quick way to create a reading nook for the kids: Hang a canopy and lay down some pillows. You’ll have a magic place for your little readers in no time.

temporary tent reading nook
Photo Source: Cottage Life

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