Exterior Reno Projects That Benefit The Whole Family

Exterior Reno Projects That Benefit The Whole Family

Have you been thinking about upgrading your outdoor space? Exterior renovations are becoming increasingly popular, especially after a year where many people were forced to relax outdoors with their friends and family. During this time, many people learned the importance of having a comfortable exterior space that is suitable for adults and children of any age. There are several exterior reno projects that you can have done this spring or summer that are sure to bring smiles to all members of your family. These projects range from more complex to simple. Still, in all cases, they will get you and your family outside, providing a relaxing and recreational space that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

Gazebos Add a Focal Point

Gazebos are a whimsical and inviting exterior project that can quickly draw people who tend to dwell indoors to the yard. Unlike a standard deck, a gazebo is often placed further out into your backyard. You may even want to choose to add one to your front yard, depending on your property’s layout. When adding a gazebo to your property, you can go about it in three ways. You can choose to purchase a kit that gives clear instructions to assemble the structure yourself. You can hire a professional to build a
custom gazebo of your design. Or, you can design and build a gazebo yourself. If you are not a carpenter, it may be best to go with one of the other options. Once installed, you can use this for evening dinners, rainy day reading, and sharing precious moments with your family amongst nature.

Tree Benches Offer Relaxation

Whether your property is nestled amongst dense woodland or if you have one prominent tree in your backyard, tree benches are an excellent exterior reno project your kids will love. Large trees can be alluring for your children, and hanging out underneath their canopy can be comforting. However, if the ground is a bit muddy or uneven, it won’t be as pleasant. A great way to enjoy this natural nook underneath the branches is by constructing a beautiful and functional tree bench. These benches can be designed to your liking, but octagonal shapes tend to be very popular. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose to go big or small with this exterior reno project.

Pergolas Provide Shade

If you don’t want to spring for a gazebo, as they can sometimes be pricey, a pergola is another excellent option that provides similar benefits. A pergola is a roof-like structure that can provide shade to an existing deck or be added into the middle of your yard. Pergolas create a gathering space and focal point within a yard and can be adorned with drapery, lights, and furniture to essentially create an open-air living room. On those warm summer nights, your kids can have an outdoor movie night, or you can set up a dining table to have a candlelit meal. Opting for natural woods like cedar and pine tends to be more visually appealing and complement natural elements more than metal or plastic pergolas. Investing in your property’s exterior will always prove worthwhile. Having a comfortable and usable space on your property will get your family outside to enjoy the fresh air while adding livable space to your property.

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