How Downsizing Can Impact Your Move

How Downsizing Can Impact Your Move

Are your drawers and closets overflowing with things you don’t want or need? If so, it may be time to downsize. Downsizing, in this context, means throwing out or donating some of your possessions to live a simpler life. These items could include clothing, cooking utensils, decor, or even entire pieces of furniture.

Don’t know how to downsize? All it takes is some time and the willingness to let things go. There are too many benefits of downsizing to list them all, but one of the most underrated is that it makes moving easier and potentially more affordable. Here are a few of the many ways downsizing can positively impact your moving experience.

It’s Easier to Pack Up Your Things

Packing up your belongings before a move can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. If you’d rather be on the faster end of that spectrum, downsizing is key. It likely comes as no surprise that the fewer things you have, the less time and effort it takes to pack everything up.

However, having fewer things to pack up can also save you money on boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and other moving supplies. You could also save a lot on gas if you plan on transporting everything yourself.

You Can Put Money Towards Your Move

As referenced above, moving comes with many expenses. However, you can make some extra money to put towards things like moving supplies, gas, and movers by selling belongings you don’t want or need anymore.

When downsizing, you’re likely to come across doubles of items or things that are in good condition but not useful to you. Why throw these things away when you could sell them on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace for moving money?

You Might Save on Movers

Did you know you could save money on your move by downsizing ahead of time? If you plan on hiring a moving company that charges by the hour, downsizing before the move is essential.

The less there is for them to load into their truck, the less they’ll be charging you. So if you’re wondering how to save money on movers — this is it. Just make sure to call in advance, as not all moving companies charge by the hour.

The Unpacking Process Is Quicker

Once you reach your new house, you’ll likely want to relax and settle in immediately. But unfortunately, the process of unpacking your belongings can take just as long as packing them up.

Why waste time unpacking and finding places for items you don’t even want? By downsizing before a move, you’re giving yourself less to unload. That means you can start enjoying your new abode sooner than you normally would!

You Can Decorate Your New Home

If you want to avoid recreating the exact aesthetic of your old home in your new one, downsizing is key. With less old furniture and decor to worry about, you can focus on decorating your new home in a way that complements its aesthetic. This could mean replacing old stuff with pieces more suited to your current tastes or just opting for a more minimalist lifestyle.

Get a Fresh Start in Your Dream Home

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