Latest Paint Trends for your New Home
Published on March 21st, 2020

Choosing a new paint colour for your new house can be tricky. A lot of homeowners get stuck in this part of the design process because we all know that paint colour has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room. Making such a big decision for your home can feel overwhelming; not to mention after a while staring at two different shades of blue can start to make your head spin.

If you’re feeling stuck in the selection process on which of the latest paint trends you should choose, it’s always a good idea to find a bit of inspiration.

You can share that inspiration with your interior designer, painter, or a sales associate at a paint store. These experienced professionals should be able to help you select the right paint colour for your new house. If you’re not sure where to find the inspiration you’re looking for, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few of the latest paint trends were excited about for 2020!

Classic Blue is Trending

Latest Paint Trends Classic Blue

Of course, we have to start our list with what will surely be one of the biggest paint colours of the year.


Because Classic Blue, otherwise known as PANTONE 19-4052, has been named the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020. The brand’s colour selection always has a major impact on design for everything from interiors to fashion. The good news is, this beautiful colour is both calming and easy to incorporate into any space. It’s a great option for an accent wall, trim, or an entire room. You really can’t go wrong so feel free to play around with this classic and versatile colour to your heart’s content!

If Blue isn’t your colour try Blush

Millennial Pink

Don’t expect ‘Millennial Pink’ to disappear any time soon. The colour has become a mainstay in everything from graphic design to interior design. But, don’t be mistaken, this shade of pink is anything but girly and dated. It can actually look quite subtle and chic when utilized correctly. Look for deep tones and add elegant accents to complement the colour. Metal decor looks great with blush paint and can help the space look modern and grown-up.

Clay is our 2nd favourite!

Cavern Clay

Clay saw a huge surge in popularity in 2019. Expect this trend to migrate over to interior design in 2020. You’ll need to make sure you find the right shade for your space. Depending on which shade you select, clay can have orange, brown, or red undertones. In order to find the right room features that complement your paint colour, make sure you have a sense of the fabric and furniture colours that will work well with the shade you have selected.

If in doubt go Neutrals

If you want to keep the paint colours in your home more subtle and neutral then don’t worry because you can still find ways to ensure your home stays on trend. This year, cooler-toned neutrals like grey and slate are likely to become less popular whereas warmer-toned neutrals like beige and brown will see a resurgence in popularity. These colours are easy to work with and they create a cozy and warm environment in your home. Make sure you play around with different textures and shades in order to ensure that the overall look of the room doesn’t fall flat.

Picking the right paint colour for that new home you purchased can definitely be overwhelming; however, we hope these paint colour trends have you feeling excited and inspired. Once you have a clear vision for the overall look and feel of the space you desire, your decisions will become much easier to make.

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