Create a Warm & Cozy Living Room
Published on October 26th, 2019

Living rooms are typically a gathering place. We watch movies there. We read books there. We even snuggle with our loved ones there. It might not be the room we use the most in our homes, but when we do, it is quality time. It is also the area we migrate to with guests after dinner. Here are our 4 tips to instantly cozy up that living room.

Add Some Furniture

Empty rooms are cold, and they actually look smaller than they are. The main use of a living room is not to have enough space to move freely around it. The purpose of the room is generally to sit and enjoy. Don’t be afraid to add another chair or love-seat into your living room. Or swap out your chaise lounge sofa for a love-seat and two chairs. The end result is a more inviting and cozy environment. The bonus is extra seating for guests. Try for two smaller coffee tables as opposed to one larger one.

Curate Cushions and Throw Blankets

When it comes to your seating accessories, there is a fine line between cluttered and uncomfortable. A lot of it depends on size. Throw pillows and blankets are getting increasingly bigger, so you don’t need too many. One extra large cushion on each end of the couch coupled with one or two smaller ones each is sufficient. You don’t want to be drowning in pillows when you sit on the couch. One blanket strategically placed over the back of the couch can make a serious cozy impact. An armchair is well dressed with one small cushion. Mix and match the cushions with different textures and patterns for an extra-cozy vibe.

Soft Lighting

You don’t want the lighting so soft that you are struggling to read or see. A nice ambient lamp or two will add a romantic warm feeling to enjoy in the evening. If you are a fan, a crystal salt lamp not only provides great warm light, but it is also said that they have various health benefits. Candles are also a great way to cozy up the room. Don’t add too many and keep them away from little ones and pets. (Check out these fabulous selection of candles that should take any living from cozy to warm).

It is all in the details

Things like vases, books, and decoration add life to a living room. But there is such a thing as too much. Try to avoid adding more than a few strategically placed items. If you want to hide things you use on a regular basis like remotes, add some baskets or stylish trays to tables and shelves. Greenery also helps. The oxygen that plants give off into the air naturally makes the living room more inviting. Guelph has a variety of shops and greenhouses to purchase your living room plants. Finish off the walls with some matching art or a beautifully laid out photo gallery wall.

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