The Importance of Using a Professional Photographer to Sell Your Home

The importance of using a professional photographer to sell your home

In real estate, hiring professionals not only takes a lot of the burden from the buyer or the seller, but it also means the result is in a league above. In the case of selling your home, hiring a professional photographer will make a difference in how quickly your home can sell.

Professional Look

Professional photographers understand their equipment down to the nooks and crannies. They understand lighting, and they know the importance of staging and highlighting the home’s best features. As professionals, they are also aware of trends to follow, keeping photographs current and attractive. They will also know which areas of the home to focus on or feature and which rooms might need avoiding if the room wouldn’t add any benefit.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in real estate will serve to get more eyes on a listing. Using a professional photographer will ensure the photos that people are seeing and judging the house have the best angles, showing off what makes your home the one potential buyers want to buy.

As with anything, a professional photographer might take some time to find. Just because a photographer has experience behind a camera, they might not understand or be familiar with real estate photography. Although considered a professional, a photographer specializing in newborn photography might not understand the nuances of finding the right time of day to photograph a room to get the best lighting. They might not know why one should photograph one feature of a home over another.

Drone Footage

With the advent of drone technology in real estate listings, professional photographers will be well-versed in how to use it, when, and where. Drone footage allows the buyers to view the entire property from above.


Having a professional real estate photographer also lends a level of credibility. While the home may have some rooms or features that aren’t ideal to market, a professional photographer will know how to seamlessly mask that without making potential buyers feel like a room or aspect of the home is misleading.

Before a potential buyer steps foot in a home on the market, they will first look at pictures online. That is often the first and only chance sellers have to convince buyers to take the next step and visit the home in person. If they decide to visit the home in person, any photos that are part of the listing will also influence the buyers’ perception of the house. A real estate photographer will know how to elicit the right emotion and highlight the home, but also make sure that when potential buyers come to see the house, the home they see is the same as the pictures they saw online.

A REALTOR® understands the importance of staging a home, as does a real estate photographer. They will understand what is too much and what is too little to gain, elicit emotions and have potential buyers truly envision themselves living in that space. Similarly, a professional photographer will understand how to compose a picture. They know that taking a photo is more than just pointing and clicking. It is essential to capture the structural elements of the home as well.

Best Quality Photos

Finally, a professional photographer will take time after the photo shoot to edit their work, ensuring any colour correction or enhancement to make the home look its best. They can resize photos depending on their use. While having a wide angle might be necessary, having the same image cropped can also be beneficial. Correcting a particularly troublesome patch of grass on the lawn in post-production will have potential buyers see a beautifully green lawn.

Chances are your Guelph REALTOR® will have real estate photographers they have worked with in the past and trust their vision and work, so finding a photographer might be as simple as asking your agent.

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