Wellington County: Benefits of Living in a Small Town and City in One 
Published on February 9th, 2023

Living in a small town within Wellington County, close to the bustling city of Guelph, is a great choice for many.  Anyone looking to escape the heavy traffic and loud noises of a large city, while still enjoying the career opportunities and recreational aspects of city life. Those with growing families looking for a different type of community plus upgrading the size of their house and backyard. Those shifting from working on their job every day to having more time and space for their hobbies, grandkids or a community that shares their current lifestyle. What we share here are some of the benefits of living in smaller communities near Guelph, and why you can have the benefits of both the small town and the big city in Wellington County.

Small Town Feel, Big City Entertainment

One of the most well-known phrases that small cities and towns of all sizes like to share with potential residents (and long-time residents) is that it has a “small-town feel.” There’s an understanding that people want connection. Wellington County has a number of smaller communities that provide that laid back lifestyle, where you can rely on your neighbours who also value the connection and lifestyle. Then it is simply a short drive to Guelph where there is a greater variety of shopping, restaurants, art and entertainment options that small towns can’t support on their own.

Different types of Community

It is far easier to develop a sense of community and belonging in Wellington County. Each town offers service and interest groups to join, and these groups tend to be extremely friendly and welcoming because they all are looking for that community. School friends are often neighbours, it’s easier to see the same people more frequently, which builds familiarity and community. With the city of Guelph a stone’s throw away, a greater variety of volunteer opportunities, larger libraries, more competitive sports teams and programming can allow you to expand your community further, while still enjoying the small town friendly community where your home is.

Schools & Special Interests

A smaller population means there are smaller schools and smaller classroom sizes. There is a better opportunity for children and youth to connect with their classmates and teachers. Families living in a small town should note that the ratio of teacher to student tends to be more manageable in a small-town school than in class sizes found in a big-city school. If the school doesn’t have a sports club, art club, or STEM club that excites a student, then the proximity to Guelph allows for an opportunity to find something they’ll love and thrive doing.

Peace and Quiet

If the busy sounds of a city aren’t conducive to sleeping or relaxing, imagine the amount of sleep and relaxation that a quiet small town can provide! Instead of loud traffic and noisy neighbourhoods, there are the sounds of nature. Whispers of wind rustling through the leaves, soft birdsong on a spring’s morning, and if living close enough to one of Wellington’s beaches, then the sound of water lapping against the shore.


Living in a small town close to Guelph means there is still an abundance of opportunity. There is an easy commute to work, without choosing between living in a small town or living in the city for employment. With thriving businesses, their own hospital, university and much more, building a career in the city of Guelph presents exciting opportunities.


When living in a small town, the defining element is often its character. Small-town character consists of outdoor recreational activities and family-friendly events, living life slower, and even having authenticity. Get to know the essence of the smaller towns and communities surrounding Guelph with the help of a Wellington County real estate agent familiar with the area.  They live and work in the communities and will be your best source of information for the benefits of living in Wellington County.

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