18 More Reasons To Love Guelph Part Two
Published on September 8th, 2016

Last month we release part one of all the reasons to love Guelph. You submitted so many reasons to love life in the Royal City that we had to split it up into two blogs. The wait is over! Here are 18 more reasons why we love Guelph.

This is why we love Guelph: Part two

  1. Its diversity, open spaces and small-town charm. – Shayne
  2. Our beautiful sunsets. And my street. -Laura
  3. I love how close the community feels and has a lot of activities for its residents. I looked forward to raising my kids in the royal city 🙂 -Sabrina
  4. The University and the farms! -Maddy
  5. The trails along the river! -Olivia
  6. The parks! So many beautiful, fun and lovely parks to play in with my family. Parks with rivers, paths, swings and slides…we are so lucky to live in a city where parks are in every neighbourhood. I love Guelph! -Julia
  7. What I love about this welcoming community is the friendly people and the beauty. The city is clean and well put together than most. It is also a great place to work and raise a family. I truly enjoy all the festivals and different cultures and food. GUELPH!! -Kelly
  8. Lots of fun things to do. -Terri
  9. It’s all-round awesome! -Sharon
  10. Guelph is such a beautiful, friendly and amazing city. My family just moved here in November (from Rockwood) and we are so happy here. We love the beautiful parks and trails and look forward to enjoying this beautiful city this summer! -Meaghan
  11. What don’t I love about Guelph? The friendly people, incredible green spaces to take my dogs, a culinary fare much larger then the city or incredible festivals all summer long! -Caitlin
  12. What I love about Guelph is the people that make you feel welcomed and their willingness to help others in need. -Dwayne
  13. The University & the diverse cultures. -Sheila
  14. Grocery shopping. Everyone is always so happy, cheerful and polite in the grocery store. I always expect people to break out singing and dancing like the Highschool Musical movies. -Melora
  15. Everything, I work in Special Education and love our accessible transit, splash pad and Friday concerts in the square. Awesome to share with the students. -Andrea
  16. A lot of beautiful houses and best place to live. -Judel
  17. I love how the residents of Guelph are so willing to help one another out. Guelph has the best volunteer community, and make great neighbors. It’s easy to be eco-friendly in Guelph, with many people and resources dedicated to the cause. -Melanie
  18. The University and churches. – Roopa

So much Guelph love.

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