What makes a neighbourhood great?
Published on November 14th, 2016

What makes a neighbourhood great

1. Proximity to amenities

Being a short drive or walk from schools, markets, parks and trails makes a neighbourhood appealing. After all, we all want to be close to the things we love. Families interested in maintaining an active lifestyle will really value these features in a neighbourhood because amenities within walking distance means less time in the car and more time outside.

2. Pride in Ownership

When homeowners take the time to care for their home, neighbourhood and community, it creates a wonderful place to live. Neighbourhood residents who take pride in their home ownership create make a neighbourhood attractive for other people.

3. Schools

We mentioned how proximity to schools can make a neighbourhood great. This is because families looking for a new neighbourhood will put focus on finding an area with great schools for their children.

4. Safe & Sound

Great neighbourhoods are safe, have low crime rates, and give residents a sense of ease when they’re home.

5. Neighbourhood Charm

Caring for homes and taking pride in ownership is a great way to maintain a neighbourhood’s charm. But isn’t it also wonderful to enter a neighbourhood with tall trees sweeping the skyline and lining the street? This tree-lined feature is typically found in older, established neighbourhoods from years of growing.

6. Family Friendly

Remember when you were a kid and your best friend lived down the street? That is what young families are looking for; neighbourhoods with children and other young families. Neighourhoods likes these have so much potential for building life-long friendships. They are great for children to play and to make friends. Other family friend features include playgrounds, close proximity to schools and nearby community programs for children.

7. Entertainment

Defining a great neighbourhood depends on the buyer and what they value. For some buyers, entertainment and access to a great nightlife are important. Nearby theatres and restaurants make a neighbourhood attractive for frequent outings.

8. The People

Let’s be honest, a lot of the charm that exists within a neighbourhood comes from the people who live there. Older neighbourhoods are made up of long-term residents who have built friendships over the years, and newer neighbourhoods are vibrant with growing families and many friendships to come.

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