Kitchen Makeover Trends for 2022

Kitchen Makeover Trends for 2022

Is this the season where you take a good, hard look at your kitchen? Is your kitchen functional, but you know it could be better? Or maybe your appliances are coming to the end of their life cycle, and you are ready to change everything. Whatever the reason, it’s time to give your kitchen a makeover, and we’re here with the trends for 2022! Let’s get you and your kitchen to be the place to be — even when you’re not making dinner.

The Only Thing Better than One Island is Two Islands

2022 is a year of re-emergence. People are again starting to host, and those in the kitchen preparing do not want to separate themselves from the rest of their guests. Having two islands in your kitchen can ensure space for the food to be prepared and displayed while having another area where guests can gather. It’s especially ideal for the open concept home.

Be Bold

Once upon a time, the kitchen wasn’t thought of as anything other than the place to prepare food, and the colour themes reflected that. Instead of hiding your kitchen behind some baby yellows or the dreaded greyscale, being bold with colour choices is on the hook for 2022. Remember how vibrant colours from the 1950s were? Those retro colours of bright shades are coming back. It’s a simple, easy way to revitalize your kitchen and give it fantastic energy.

Go Vintage

Speaking of an older time, adding a vintage piece of furniture is a great way to zhush up your room in a way that’s uniquely you. Not only is it a functional space, but it’s the perfect conversation starter for those lulls at the party. Find a vintage piece that can replace one of your modern pieces — like a high table in place of an island. You may lose some storage space in the cabinets, but it will open up your kitchen and make it seem brighter!

Marble or Butcherblock?

Regardless of what you choose here, you’ll be en vogue. A butcher block countertop carries a different aesthetic than a marble one, so the choice is in the beholder. A marble countertop may not be as functional as a butcherblock one, but it lends an aura of chicness that is desirable in the kitchen.

Organize Your Way

In the past, homeowners and kitchen users have had to limit their organization based on what the kitchen design allowed — or didn’t allow. In 2022, more and more designers are embracing function with design. Gone are the days of a cluttered kitchen because there wasn’t any space to put appliances, tools, or anything. Now, there are storage options that have the user in mind.

Make a Statement

From backsplashes with a bold colour to tile design that you wouldn’t expect to see in a kitchen, or even cupboards and cabinetry that are one-of-a-kind, making a statement in the kitchen is what we see in 2022. Regardless of what you choose to display in your cabinet, the design itself is what will draw people in.

Au Natural

If marble or tile isn’t for you, the good news is that 2022 embraces sustainability, and kitchen designs reflect that. It’s not quite the dreaded wood panelling of the 70s and 80s, but wood backgrounds, wood-based applications like your island and countertop, or even an exposed beam in the kitchen have a growing appeal.

There is quite a mix of trends for the 2022 kitchen, but what may be the biggest one of all is embracing the kitchen as a room people will want to gather in instead of a place you want to hide from your guests.

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