Support Beams Finding Balance
Published on February 16th, 2016

With any home, finding the balance between function and aesthetics can be a challenge, especially when it comes to the structure of your home.

Open-concept living spaces are a popular choice in new homes adding great open rooms, bright spaces, and inclusive areas to a home. But what about the support beams?

We’ve scoured the online world to find great solutions to support your roof and meet your design needs. Here are some great ways to display load-bearing beams in your home.

Room Dividing Support Beams

You can still maintain an open-concept living space with divider beams. They help to define and separate the different functional areas of your main floor, while maintaining the light airy flow.

You can build out the wall for a more defined divider, or use the beams alone to outline your living spaces.

Consider playing around with the textures of the beam to add contrast with colour or texture.


Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood can instantly make a space feel more laid back. This type of support beam has no shortage of character, adding history and mystery to your home.

Stone Column

Don’t try to hide support beams. They are a great opportunity to add accent textures and colours to any room. Bring in rich stones and draw eyes to the beams.

Pleasant Textures

Some support beams may get a lot of contact, depending where they are in a room. Adding rope or another material to the beam will not only protect the wood from any damage, but also protect your hands, especially if you’re using reclaimed or unfinished materials. Think about who will be in your home. If you have small children running around, a few feet of rope could protect their soft skin from scratches and slivers.

Island Anchor

An island or any built-in furniture can be fixed to a support beam. These features are not going to be moved any time soon, so why not put them together. They command attention and set the design pace for the rest of the room.

Define Depth Changes

Finding the perfect balance between engineering and design can be tricky. If you’re thinking about having any depth changes in your home (sunken rooms or raised levels), add your support beams. Not only do they hold your roof up, but they help guide your family and guests through your home; signalling a step down and offering some extra support down.


Load-bearing beams have a very important structural function. But don’t limit them. Think of all the design possibilities. In our Storage Solutions For Small Spaces blog, we talked about vertical storage. Well there’s nothing more vertical in your home than a beam that goes up to the ceiling. Give your beams a second purpose such as a built-in wine rack, or use two beams to create a bookshelf or media centre,

Add Some Whimsy

Think outside of the box. These crucial columns could end up being the centerpiece of your home.

Look at different materials, textures, colours, and even shapes to create a visually-appealing beam.

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